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About Me

My expertise is within the field of user experience and human & computer interaction, i.e. product sketches outlined through clarification of business and costumer needs.
When working with product development I apply participatory design methods to ensure that message/product engages the intended user.


How are digital products actualized by:
1 - user centered design methods
2 - in-depth knowledge of digital media’s usage and construction/design
3 - crisp, focused and effective usability and communication


During employments, projects and education I've perfected expertise in the following categories:
Participatory design, user experience, interaction design, information architecture, usability testing, prototyping & wireframing, agile development, digital communications, webpage management, social media management.


Born: 1st of November 1980
Civil status: Married to Marta Kunova Kirilova
Two children: Matilda (2008) and Teodor (2011)

Employment and projects:

May 2010 - Present
- Innovation Consultant, Digital Communication, IDA - Danish Engineering Society
April 2007 - February 2010
- User Experience Specialist at Userminds
2005, '06 & '07
- Project managing for OnMob (The official Roskilde Festival WAP-site, Java App & SMS-service)


2008 (MA) - IT University in CPH
2006 BA - Rhetoric University of CPH
2004 BA - Philosophy University of CPH

Download the full CV as pdf right here


Thomas Kunov
Hans Tavsens Gade 19. 1. sal
2200 Copenhagen N
Phone: (+45)4053 7673